SUNDAY, March 18, 2012



      Carroll discusses health issues with Dr. Sandra Michael.   She works with natural medicines and holistic health, advocating bio-scalar regenerative technology.    Today she talks about radiation issues.  You can't see it or feel it, but it is all around us in the environment, part of our medical procedures, and even at the airport.  Last year the Fukushima meltdown caused the largest release of radiation in our atmosphere to date - 300 times larger than Chernobyl.   Thirteen cities in the U.S. showed higher levels of radiation after the Fukushima incident, but information was never released to the public.  Dr. Michael talks about dietary supplements, iodine, and natural products that help protect you from the effects of radiation exposure.   She also discusses dietary and lifestyle  practices that will help maintain your health.    For more information visit  the Scalar Energy Enhancement System website.

      The second hour  Dr. Terry Shintani joins the conversation to discuss a vegetarian diet and his work in alternative medicines. Topics include "pink slime" and other food additives, and how to decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels without pills.     While nationally recognized,  Dr. Shintani has been designated an official "Living Treasure" due to his work here in Hawaii.  He presents a lot of useful information on our show today!

      Listen to Dr. Shintani's radio show "Healing and You", right here on  KWAI 1080 AM, every Sunday night at 8:00 pm.    He also conducts classes in holistic health  with Dr. Michael at his wellness center in Kukui Plaza.   Visit www.alohanetics.com for a schedule of classes and seminars.   You can also call 628-8784 for more information.

      Link here for more information from Dr. Shintani    Also, read his article  "One Meal at a Time" in Generations Magazine -  free at local health food stores.

      To research healthy practices and what may help you, visit     www.treeoflife.nu,       www.mercola.com   or  www.naturalnews.com






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