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   SUNDAY, March 17, 2013

          Carroll  talks about the bottle bill and what is really happening to the glass,  and government's treatment of the homeless, illustrated by what is happening with the U.S. Vets program at the YWCA.  

          While homeless vets  eat meat that expired several months ago, the high paid directors and politicians ate barbeque shrimp and other delicacies right in front of them during opening ceremonies for the homeless facility.  That pretty much says it all about caring for the homeless.   (See our article from January 2013.)

          Recently the vets were directed to go to a private church to help the church prepare for its garage sale and hand out religious flyers.  The vets were even taken to the church in an official U.S. Vets vehicle.   Later,  they were directed to drive their own cars or find other transportation to go to a support facility in Kalaeloa to pick up donated clothes.   One of the vets filed a complaint about these and other issues.   A caller confirms what is happening and tells his experiences, including getting sick from the food provided at another shelter, and what happens when their few belongings, including medicine, shelter and ID's, are confiscated on the street.

          Where is recycled glass going?   We found one place -  on Sandwich Isles Communications' property across from Wheeler Army Airfield.    In 2007 Carroll found  large mounds of glass that were going to be used under the new StarAdvertiser building in Kalaeloa.   However, after he filed a  complaint the glass was used in a manner that was inconsistent with what the Dept. of Health authorized and was placed on property owned by Sandwich Isles Communications.  See below  pictures.     



          The final subject of the day is the question of North Shore development.  This is the last stretch of country on Oahu.   Do we really want to change it?   Several callers discuss their concerns.  For more information,  link here to the Defend Oahu Coalition webpage.     Link here to the Planning Commission Hearing.  





                                    Homeless on the rocks




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