SUNDAY, March 11, 2012



      Carroll and Poka Laenui  discuss the controversy and protests regarding disinterments at Kawaiaha'o Church. There are several confusing issues and questions regarding what can and should be done with old graves in a church cemetery, and what will be the church's future plans for the disinterred bones.       

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      EXTENDED WARRANTY PROTECTION PROBLEMS:    My ipad had a problem identified as a manufacturing defect.  Although I purchased the Best Buy / Geek Squad extended warranty, the ipad is less than 1 year old and still under the manufacture's warranty.   Because it is an identified problem, Apple willingly exchanges the defective unit for a new unit.   However, when I went to Best Buy to exchange the unit, the Geek Squad told me after the exchange my extended warranty would be considered used and over.    I believe this is blatant fraud. Best Buy can  return the defective unit to Apple and get a new unit, while pocketing the $300 I paid for the extended warranty.    What do you think?   Call me at 808-782-6627 and let me know.       

      Carroll also discusses flooding due to lack of stream maintenance, the possibility of radiation in floating debris from Japan, and other issues of importance to Hawaii.





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