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   SUNDAY, March 10, 2013

          Carroll starts the show with a discussion about the Board of Water Supply's practice of estimating your monthly water usage instead of actually reading your water meter.   Either there are not enough readers to check your property, or the meter is broken.    If broken, it would be OK if the BWS notified you and fixed the problem in short order, but sometimes they do not do that.  The estimate could  go on for months,  and, if there is a water leak somewhere, you will never know.   When BWS finally fixes the problem, you could be charged thousands of dollars.   Several seniors on fixed income reported  their checking accounts were decimated and their other checks bounced due to overly large automatic bill payments to the BWS.    If the BWS does not read or fix a meter in a timely manner, or the computer system has a problem, who should be responsible for paying  the increased bill caused by undetected water leaks?  

          If your BWS bill is an estimate, it should be noted on the back.   Be warned - check your bills and check your meter.  Make sure your meter is fixed if it is not running when your water is on!    If it is running and your bill is estimated, ask why the meter is not being read!    A caller says HECO may be doing the same thing, so check that out, too.


          The second hour Carroll talks about the tangled business and property dealings of Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa and her husband, John Souza, giving an insight into how politics may enrich participants.   Reportedly they bought properties by the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.  Why would they do that?   What about past deals with property in Ko'Olina?  Can we really trust our politicians,  especially Colleen Hanabusa?





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