SUNDAY, March 4, 2012



      Carroll continues his discussion of contaminated soil around housing on Hawaii's military bases.  He talks with Walter Chun about how the contaminated soil was exposed after old houses were torn down and foundations removed.   Mr. Chun worked with contractors building new housing on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base and is concerned families were not told the extent of the contamination or how they could protect themselves.    Carroll has recovered documents showing allowable levels of contaminated materials were arbitrarily raised by the state, without scientific study,  to allow the military to continue building houses.  This is of particular concern because the risk to young, vulnerable children was not addressed.  (Read Chun's docoumentation here).

      Gordon Saker calls in to discuss the rash and sores he experienced after buying topsoil from the base for use on his farm.  

      Rash and sores from working
      with contaminated soil

                Gordon Saker takes a soil sample for testing

      We have samples, documents and victims.  What more is needed to correct this problem?  Our military families are not being treated as they should.  Contact Governor Abercrombie and Senator Inouye and ask them to do something!

      The second hour Carroll and Attorney Michael Ostendorp have a conversation about traffic and corruption in the city and state governments



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