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   SUNDAY, March 3, 2013


          Carroll goes to the dogs.    This is not just a dog eat dog world,  it is a man eat dog world, too.  We recently took the picture on the right at a facility where dogs are held and sold as dog meat, ready to eat.  

          Once again, Carroll has been investigating the situation and has learned some of the gory details.  He tells us about the inhumane manner in which the dogs are treated before butchering and what is done when they are ready to be sold.    This is a story that needs a happy ending.   We are going to continue dogging the issue, with more pictures, video and information to come.

          Pictured below  is Koko,  waiting to be butchered at a dog meat dealer's farm in 2004.    Carroll bought and saved him while doing undercover work.   Since then Carroll and others have been trying to get laws passed to prevent this very inhumane treatment of animals.  However, the Hawaiian Humane Society, Clayton Hee, and our state legislators do not want to address the issue.

          Koko is now happy, healthy and living in a good home.  Unfortunately, not many dogs end up like this, including Koko's sister, who was slaughtered before Carroll could get back to buy her.     Link here to Koko's story.   






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           Carroll also talks about problems at the Board of Water Supply, including quality testing in their labs.  Who's not doing their job?