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   SUNDAY, March 2, 2014



        Carroll's guests today are Tony Locricchio, attorney for the Kahuku Plantation Residents Association (KPRA), and a few members of the association.    They are asking for historical preservation of their plantation homes as a representation of Hawaii's culture.   A Florida company, Continental Pacific, bought the land during Mufi Hannemann's administration.  They tell us, at the time of the deal, Hannemann and Continental Pacific said they wanted to preserve and enhance the area, but because Continental Pacific is not making the profit it expected, they are not doing what they promised (more broken promises by Mayor Hannemann).  Kahuku is the last area with a plantation identify, and its historical preservation should be a matter of concern to all of us.  

        Carroll's guests also tell us the many ways they are being harrassed to push them into giving up their homes.    It should also be pointed out that there are many conflicts of interest involved, particularly with Mr. Lex Smith, legal representative for Continental Pacific.  During his administration Mufi Hannemann made Smith chairman of the Ethics Commission.   Smith later resigned when the public found out about that particular conflict of interest.   Smith has also managed Hannemann's, and now Kirk Caldwell's mayoral campaigns.

        A bigger issue, Tony Locricchio tells us about a 100-page letter attacking the KPRA case, written by Lex Smith to Judge Barbara Richardson.   The judge passed it on, secretly,  to the other judges hearing the eviction cases, but Locricchio was not given a copy.     All of the judges ruled against KPRA, but did not say anything about Smith's "secret" letter.   In a letter to Locricchio, written by the Judiciary System on behalf of Judge Richardson, dated 1/27/14,  it was noted the passing around of the letter to other judges was a "usual practice" of the courts.   Locricchio tells us, all contacts between attorneys and judges must be revealed to the other side. This practice is "backdoor, ex parte communication between judges",  and should not be allowed.     The fact that it is may affect other past and present cases in the court system.  

        If you have any questions or comments about this situation, please send an email to Carroll and he will pass it on to KPRA.

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        The state is giving a blind eye to the safety of visually impaired citizens, as well as the rest of us, by not maintaining crosswalk markers and not fixing potholes in the crosswalks. We are investigating.   Watch out!


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