SUNDAY, February 27, 2011

      H1N1 Virus and Media Blues

      Live, in studio, local musician and songwriter Robert "Bobby" Parks starts off the show with  a couple of his own songs, accompanied by musicians Francis Mahe and Alexandra Richardson.    Hear them jamming  live at various times throughout the show, including Alexandra playing some great blues.  You can catch Alexandra at the University of Hawaii open mic, www.youtube.com/thebaconchannel,and on facebook at alexandra.richardson2.

      Carroll talks about trouble with the Carlisle and Abercrombie administrations.   Mayor Carlisle says he doesn't care if he gets sued and will do what he wants, the Honolulu city council wastes time condemning Rush Limbaugh, and Governor Abercrombie's staff violates "freedom of the press" by defining "mainstream" media, picking and choosing who they want to cover government news and receive press releases.

       Link here for emails between Carroll and Abercrombie spokesperson Donalyn Dela Cruz regarding the definition of media.

      Carroll also talks about the Dept. of Health refusing to answer questions about a  case of H1N1 virus at the Job Corps office in Waimanalo  (more information).   The students and teachers were told that talking about the case, and other people's health, is against the law even after the sick person talked about it herself.


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