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      Tuskeegee Airman Lt. Colonel  (ret.) Alexander Jefferson is back to talk about his experiences in World War II. There were many Tuskeegee squadrons, one of which was portrayed in the recent movie "Redtails".  Athough all black airmen were required to be college graduates to become airmen, they were considered "ignorant" and not allowed to fight until they were finally given a mission and proved themselves heroes. Colonel Jefferson notes the movie does not accurately portray the character of the leaders and fighters involved,  but it still projects the heroism of the airmen in the excellent fight scenes.

      Lt. Col. Jefferson also makes the point that blacks should not have to "prove themselves" to be Americans, just be themselves and be accepted, same as everyone else    However, he stresses that everyone must go to school and be educated to count.   Become part of the system we call America.  Then, "your opportunities will be fantastic".

      Lt. Col. Jefferson also tells how he was shot down over France, captured by the Germans and spent nine months in a German POW camp.    Lt. Col. Jefferson's book, Redtail Captured, Redtail Free, is available at amazon.com.  He can also be contacted by email at:  alexjeff01@juno.com

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      The second hour Carroll continues his interview with Lt. Col. (ret.) Jefferson and discusses the recent story about a  car vandalism in Red Hill that was escalated and sensationalized into  a "hate crime" by  the president of the Hawaii branch of the NAACP, Mr. Alfonso Bragg.   The victim says it was not a hate crime, his insurance took care of the damage, he did not want it publicized and he did not want or need the assistance of the NAACP.  In this case, the Hawaii NAACP is simply crying wolf and perpetuating the hatred.    Read more here.




        Col.  Holloman and Lt. Col. Jefferson in Hawaii in 2009


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