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   SUNDAY, February 24, 2013


          The first hour Carroll talks more about the inner workings of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and, in particular, a long-term lease for 300 acres of agriculture land on Kauai granted to former Commissioner Stewart Hanchett.  The Anahola Hawaiian Homes Association is protesting the lease, alleging an abuse of power because, among other things, he built a personal home on the property. While other trust benificiaries are having a hard time getting a lease for nonprofit use, Hanchett easily received a permanent lease.

           See attached documents:

          Mark Barville talks about the extensive damage being done to a coral reef off the Island of Hawaii, caused by loose pipes from NELHA.  He contacted several agencies but says nothing is being done.  He took underwater  video of the area and posted  it on YouTube  (link here).   Tour operators and the military received large fines for coral damage (see attached).  Why not NELHA?

          The second hour Carroll's guest is Dr. Patricia Bragg, CEO of Bragg Live Foods, Inc.,  talking about healthy living.  The Bragg line of products, including the famous Bragg apple cider vinegar, provide many internal and external health benefits and have been recognized as the best in the industry.   Dr. Bragg says, "You are what you eat, drink, breathe, and think."   See her products and books at   bragg.com.    Dr. Bragg also conducts a free exercise class daily at 9 a.m.,  at Ft. DeRussy, Waikiki  (see attached).     Also, check her video lectures on YouTube.com, and see attached for company history.







            Dr. Patricia Bragg  talks healthy living


      Dr. Patricia Bragg with a picture of her father,
      Dr. Paul Bragg, founder of the company


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