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   SUNDAY, February 10, 2013


          Carroll's guests are Michelle Kauhane,  Robin DannerRenwick "Uncle Joe" Tassill and his wife, "Aunty June".  They  discuss the confirmation hearing for Jobie Masagatani, Governor Abercrombie's selection to head the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and what is going on within the department.  

          There are many people opposing Masagatani's appointment. They submitted testimony and attended a hearing to protest her nomination.  Michelle Kauhane's testimony was particularly detailed, and illustrated the climate of bullying and corruption in our government.   Senator Hee acknowledged her strong testimony, but no one on the hearing committee asked any questions.  Malama Solomon, without asking questions or asking for evidence, characterized Kauhane's testimony as hearsay.   In the end, the committee voted for confirmation.  Masagatani's selection now goes before the full Senate for final approval.  

          Uncle Joe talks about how he was bullied in an attempt to remove him as a Home Land Commissioner.  He is concerned that beneficiaries are no longer "coming first" at DHHL.  

          Robin Danner tells us "when people lead, our leaders will follow".  They are stepping up to protect beneficiaries, and Uncle Joe asks the public to also step up and help them fix the problem.

          Carroll plays a recording made by Michelle Kauhane, then Deputy Director of DHHL,  of a meeting she had with Attorney General David Louie and Governor Ambercrombie's Chief of Staff, Bruce Coppa.  It shows their attempt to remove her from DHHL by offering her a job in another department, paid for by DHHL funds.  Kauhane says, this is not simply "a personnel issue", as claimed by Governor Abercrombie and others.   It is a political issue.

          Carroll also has a recording of the entire hearing.  Link here to both  the  recordings and pictures of meeting participants.







                     JOBIE MASAGATANI -   OPPOSED


        Update:  Sunday - 3:30 pm

        After the show Carroll heard from a number of listeners who hinted there was a grand conspiracy going on to take down DHHL, headed by Michelle Kauhane,  because she released the "secret" tape of her meeting.    The reality is, Michelle never disclosed to anyone in the media that she had a tape.    It was Carroll Cox who made the disclosure.

        Because Malama Soloman called Kauhane's testimony "hearsay",  after the hearing Caroll  asked Kauhane if she had anything to back up her testimony.  She disclosed she had a tape that she later shared with Carroll.    It was Carroll who shared the tape with the StarAdvertiser, KHON,  KITV and Hawaii NewsNow.  Then,  the proverbial "cat was out of the bag".  Hopefully this information will dispel any allegations that Kauhane was part of a conspiracy. Carroll felt the tape would have  a greater value to the public by showing what transpired and how it was handled in committee by Senators Malama Solomon, Brickwood Galuteria, Gilbert Kahele, Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran, Michelle Kidani and Clayton Hee.

        If anyone has more information to share anonymously, please call Carroll at 782-6627, or email  carroll@carrollcox.com.    Thank you for listening.......    Carroll


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