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   SUNDAY, February 9, 2014


        LOCKED OUT

        Carroll's guests are James Rivers - International VP BCTGM for the 4th Region where the Memphis Lockout is taking place,  and Earle Earley - Local VP of local 252G, the local union representing the workers locked out at the Memphis cereal plant.  They continue the discussion of Kellogg's Memphis Production Facility's lockout of employees over the proposed two-tier employee system.  They tell us, this is an attack on the middle class, as Kellogg proposes to lower wages, hours, healthcare and other compensation for future employees. They also tell us bargaining in Memphis is illegal in this forum.

        Mr. Earley has been with Kellogg for over 25 years.  He expresses his opinion Kellogg used to be as a family-oriented company but has now transitioned into a profit-at-all-costs operation.    This is happening at many large companies, and  it is how the middle class is being cut out of America. 

        Mr. Rivers discusses the issues related to the lockout, community support, the letter just recently sent from the Congressional Progressive Caucus, work with the new community coalition COPPER and asistance from civil rights and religious community leaders here in Memphis and why the fight by these workers is a fight for the protection of all working people in Memphis and across the country.  

        Joyce Griffin, a Kaiser Hospital worker and elected leader of the Local 5 board,  calls in to share information regaarding actions taken by Kaiser  against union workers' benefits.   Among other things, Kaiser is laying off workers, and now they want to take employee pensions and move them to 401k plans.   

        All agree, they are concerned about the future workers and their families.

        For more information about the Memphis Lockout,  visit website:  www.bctgm.org

















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