SUNDAY, February 5, 2012



      Carroll's guest is Honolulu City Councilmember Tom Berg talking about the lack of infrastructure on the Waianae Coast and in  Hawaii.   Discussion point is,  what is government's responsibility, including the "purple spot"  conversion of agriculture land to industrial use in the Lualualei Valley,  the rail, water and sewer systems, the landfill,  the Haseko Marina controversy, and road building, finishing and maintenance.  Councilman Berg asks, "How do we get the Land Use Commission, taxpayers, commissioners, and other agencies all on the same playbook?"  

      Responding to callers' questions, he also talks about diverse subjects such as lack of car insurance,  why he proposed a dinner train and emergency access road around Kaena Point, and his background and interest in anthropology from his years in North and South Dakota.  

      Carroll finishes up the hour following up on GMOs, Monsato, lobbyists, and what is holding up HB2746 requiring labeling of products.   Call Hawaii State Senator Nishihara at 586-6970 if you want Bill  HB2746 scheduled for a hearing.   Carroll also follows up on the rush scheduling of HB 2652 cutting funding to O'lelo - and the people's concern with the bill's attack on free speech.    



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