SUNDAY, February 5, 2011

      Carroll  starts his discussion with an update on Gary Gill's conflicting statements regarding the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill  and his false statements that EPA authorized the release of leachate from the dump.  He is now calling for Gill's removal from the DOH  (read press release).   See our 1/30/11 page for more documents and information.

      Today's guests are Dara  Carlin and Attorney Michael Ostendorp discussing child custody issues,  domestic violence and  problems with temporary restraining orders (TROs). Callers tell their personal stories of problems with the family court system.

      HB135 and HB968, currently under consideration, will help the situation.  The hearing is at the State Capitol, room 329, at 8:30 am,  February 7, 2010.   Call State Representative John Mizuno at 586-6050, or  fax  testimony to 586-6051.  Submit anonymous testimony or contact Dara at breaking-the-silence@hotmail.com.   Also, visit Robin at www.angelgroup.org for more information.  


    Something's Fishy

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    Another bill needing testimony is "Death with Dignity".  The hearing is at 2:30 pm, Monday, 2/7, at the State Capitol.




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