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   SUNDAY, February 3, 2013


          Carroll talks about recent news stories about illegal grading, dumping and pollution at the Kalaeloa Raceway Park and wonders why other businesses are not being prosecuted for the same problems.  For example, see our pictures of Bill Mahas' business  which is still in violation.  The pictures were taken in May, 2011.   Mahas subleases from Kali Watson and his organization, on land owned by Hawaiian Homelands.  

          Carroll explains one of the issues at the racetrack is stacks of old tires left there after a beach cleanup.  He also notes today's Honolulu StarAdvertiser story of "military junk" in the pond.   Carroll asks if there is politics involved in the recent move to only prosecute the racetrack while ignoring others.  The State needs to pay more attention to the multitude of businesses polluting our environment.  Why is the State prosecuting some, and not others?   Selective enforcement is not solving anything.

          Carroll also talks about the "hurried work force" environment in the City's trash pickup service that may have contributed to this week's tragic accident, where a pedestrian was killed when a truck that was backing up ran over her.  Could this business climate present more problems in the future?

          You may recall our stories and the subsequent fine and cleanup of Mailiilii Stream.  We went back to check on the stream.  Here is what we found now.






                            SMEAR TACTICS


                            Behind Closed Doors   

             Another messy business in Kalaeloa
      owned by Franklin & Evelyn Souza on property leased from DHHL


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