SUNDAY, January 22, 2012



      Carroll's guest the first hour is Dr. Jim Anthony, discussing the Koolauloa Sustainable Communities Plan for Lai'e and the North Shore.  He explains the big issues between what the government and the  Mormon Church want, and what the people actually living in the community want.

      Craig Chapman, from Friends of Malaekahana, joins the discussion to talk about the people's park in Malaekahana, under assault from DLNR bureaucrats and, in particular, William Aila, head of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.   Since 2006, DLNR has refused to meet with Friends to discuss lease agreements.    On January 27, 2012, they will finally meet with the land board to discuss the leases they need  to get the loans necessary to take care of the park and keep it open for affordable camping and use by the people of Hawaii.    Hopefully the land board will do the right thing.   Link here to read the submittal to the land board.

      Link here to provide testimony regarding Malaekahana.


      The second hour Carroll talks with  Dr. Hector Valenzuela  and  Dr. Melissa Yee about the health and environmental risks of genetic engineering and the need for labeling GMO foods.  Hawaii has become the center of world research with open field testing of GMO fruits and vegetables.   The crops are not regulated, and unfortunately, there has not been enough research into possible side-effects of GMO agriculture and products.   Doctors Valenzuela and Yee ask, are big biotech companies degrading valuable agriculture land for future generations due to petrochemicals and cross contamination?   They are also asking for more human studies on GMO's effect on people.  For more information, contact Dr. Yee at 292-1179.


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