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   SUNDAY, January 20, 2013


          Carroll talks about details of the  just released investigation report of the fireworks explosion at Waikele Caves in 2011.   Basically, the report insulates government agencies from responsibility or culpability in the death of five people who were working on a government contract to destroy confiscated fireworks.   The report  presents many reasons and excuses for what went wrong, including the statement that current laws and standards only apply to "manufacturing" of fireworks (including "disassembly"), but not to "destroying" fireworks.

           According to the report, Donaldson Enterprise, Inc.(VSE subcontractor)  cut open tubes, separated the black powder from the fireworks, and stored large quantities of the powder in plastic bags and containers in the "cave" because they did not know what to do with it.  They were only destroying the actual fireworks bundle of the package, not the black powder propellant.  They were also using a number of metal tools in the work area, around the powder.  Metal tools can spark, and plastic bags have static electricity.

          According to the report, there were many missteps and assumptions along the way, by every company and agency involved.    There were no procedures in place for dismantling fireworks and Donaldson employees were careless in their handling of the materials, making up new procedures as they went along.   Yes, accidents happen, but it was assumed there were "safety experts"  in place when the contract was established,  who  were responsible for inspections and safeguards along the way.  They should have recognized the many unsafe conditions in place during their inspections.   However, according to the investigation report, the inspectors did not do their jobs, or assumed others knew what they were doing because they did not.   We have many laws with many flaws, and many people who exploit them instead of using common sense.


          Carroll talked about Waikele Caves many times in the past.  Listen to his shows of 1/17/10 regarding land use, 4/10/11, 4/24/11 and 5/8/11 regarding the explosion, and a follow-up on 5//27/12.  





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