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      Carroll's guests are  Pam Davis, of Animal Advocate, Inc., Liz Rizzo,  a journalist with The Examiner, Elzbieta Trzeciak and her husband, Patrick Pettingill. They talk about what happened to Elzbieta's beloved, 8-year-old dog, Rex.   

      In August, 2010, while Elzbieta was on a charity mission in Africa, Rex was lost from the home where he was staying.   Shortly after the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) picked him up, they claim they adopted Rex out to another family who they now say refuses to give him back.   We want to know, how did this happen?  The designated "alternate contact",  as identified by the dog's microchip, came to get Rex the day after HHS picked him up.   Although he was notified by the HHS, they refused to release the dog to him.  He came back the next day, with the dog's paperwork, but was still turned away.    

      There are many suspicious circumstances and conflicting details surrounding the Humane Society's handling of the situation, particularly their disparate treatment of Matar, Rex's alternate contact,  and his legal owner, Elzbieta.   For example,  the HHS said they were unable to contact either the owner or the alternate person identified on the microchip.   The HHS said an ex-employee was listed on the microchip, but AVID records do not have him listed.   

      The HHS made mistakes, then tried to cover it up.  An inaccurate news story was published in The Examiner to back up HHS's position and refute an earlier story, but then pulled after the reporter learned the HHS had given her conflicting and inaccurate information.   Read Liz Rizzo's revised story at  www.examiner.com.    Also, Pam Davis, who researched the story in depth, tells the whole story on her website www.animaladvocateinc.org.

      Unfortunately, this story is not unique.  As callers explain, the HHS has taken similar actions in the past.   It has happened to others, and is truly devastating to both the families and their pets.   We wonder, how humane is the Humane Society?    We have seen, and reported stories like this in the past.   Each one gets worse.   It is time for the HHS to review and revise their policies.



        Elzbieta and Rex

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