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   SUNDAY, January 13, 2013


          Carroll talks about protection and law enforcement activities by the DLNR and the Hawaiian Humane Society.   

          Recently there was a report of a  DLNR officer leaving  the scene of a crime in progress in the harbor  instead of trying to help or provide law enforcement during the theft of equipment and personal belongings  from a boat in the harbor.  DLNR was on site, the police were not.

          On Saturday, January 12, Carroll called the Hawaiian Humane Society to report a cockfight in progress.    They told him they "do not do cockfighting and dogfighting" and to call the police.  Cruelty to animals was in progress, but HHS was not concerned.  Ironically, the cockfighters called the police because of protestors near their location.

          A caller talks about chicken fighting as a bloodsport with big bets on the line and how the chickens suffer in the ring.  Afterwards dead chickens are just thrown into the bush.

          The second hour Carroll talks about the "investigation" into voting problems. The results of the investigation were supposed to have been reported on Friday, 1/11, but once again answers were put on hold, until later.   


            Carroll then talks with Vince Manuwai, who played football for the University of Hawaii.  Vince talks about the importance of training, being drafted, family, and the meaning of his pro football career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Vince is also dedicated to helping others and  supporting the homeless.  Vince says "keep pushing through and things will come your way".

            Vince has a local tent renting business, Island Shade, that is a big supporter of United Way and the homeless.   

            Call 84-SHADE (847-4233).   





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