SUNDAY, January 8, 2012



      Carroll  talks with Marsha Joyner about the NAACP dinner and awards ceremony originally scheduled at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, but moved to the Mariott after complaints from the public, NAACP and union members due to the ongoing workers' strike at the Hyatt.   Per Marsha Joyner, NAACP should be supporting the workers.  "If you don't stand up for rights, what is the purpose?"    She also announced a number of activities next weekend, including the ringing of the peace bell on January 15 and the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade on January 16.

      The second hour Carroll talks more about the Ethics Commission and how it "works".  He gives more examples, comparing violations by Patty Teruya to those of Rod Tam, who was punished with jail time and over 300 hours of community serivce.  

      He also talks about the killing of monk seals, asking the public to step forward with information.   DLNR needs major revisions to help solve the problems.  To illustrate, Carroll tells a story about what happened when he called the hotline about an entangled whale.







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