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   SUNDAY, January 6, 2013


          Carroll talks with Alfreda and Eleanor about the opening ceremony for the new U.S. VETS / YWCA Transitional Housing for Women Vets facility.  On Saturday, January 5, the opening was a front page story in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser,  
          featuring a picture of Alfreda,  up front and center. Although the facility is good, and needed,  they want to know  whether it was right to publish Alfreda's face,  and feature her as a homeless vet.   Alfreda and Eleanor claim they were forced to attend the event and said they were required to sign a waiver in violation of their privacy.   Alfreda clearly states her objection to what happened:  "I don't want homelessness to define me, I want to move forward.  I am not a statistic".    She was deeply offended that her picture was published as a focal point of homelessness.  Now she is in the world of social media and will be  forever affected by it when trying to find a job, etc.  The CEO's, COO's and executives showed up in their fancy cars, dress, and leis for the press conference some of the residents claim  they were forced to attend.     How much money is spent on extras and showmanship,  and not on actual service?   Where is our concern for the people?    Link here for pictures.



          The second hour Carroll talks about Congresswoman Hanabusa's criticism of Bill O'Reilly over remarks he made about Asian-Americans in Hawaii.   Is her reaction genuine or a ploy for attention?  Read our stories from 2008 when she refused to say or do anything when Rex Johnson, then head of the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, used his state computer for offensive emails regarding other minorities.    Marsha Joyner calls in with other examples.  Is Hanabusa picking and choosing her issues - and how will it affect her performance in Congress?  Link here for more of the story.

           Betrayal of a Community

          Hate Crimes Ignored by State of Hawaii




                                                          Stepping over the line

       Homeless residents of new facility were given a bag and scarf  to  wear -  to advertise their homelessness........... Link here to see pictures of the event.


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