SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010


    Lyla B. Berg, Representative for the18th District and candidate for Lt. Governor, is back to talk about politics and leadership in government agencies.    

    Carroll brings us up to date on issues regarding DLNR Chair Laura Thielen's practices in hiring Commander Mark Young and the firing Dr. Polhemus(DAR). Also under discussion are the major problems at DLNR's Historic Preservation Division and it's the failed audit by the National Park Service after several years  of warnings (Document attached).  

    Why is Dr. Polhemus being fired for politcal issues while there are not any consequences for the administrator of  Historic Preservation, or for the administrator of the Land Division which is 5 million dollars in the red due to mismanagement?    Not only that, if Polhemus is fired there will only be two active administrators remaining  at DAR,  a division that is budgeted for six administrators.  Why is Thielen decimating DAR?

    There will be a hearing March 29 regarding the firing of Dr. Polemus.  I urge you to call Governor Lingle (586-0034), and your legislators, to protest the firing.

    For more information, link to Animal Advocate Inc's article regarding DLNR and Dr. Polhemus.


    I have also been talking about Mr. Charles Djou's ethics  regarding a business trip he took to Japan for the city, with his son, and how he handled payment of his son's expenses.   Attached is a series of emails between myself and Mr. Djou regarding the trip.  (LINK)

    Link here to listen to Tina Quizon's interview, and Carroll's phone in conversation, with Charles Djou on Tina's radio show, GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS   (airs on KWAI 1080, Sunday mornings, 9:00 am)


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