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        Carroll starts with a discussion about racism in America (see below).    He then talks about the possibility of downsizing the military in Hawaii.  He points out that Oahu has lost a great deal of wetland and other habitat suitable for native plants and wildlife, both in Kaneohe and in other places in Oahu, due to building military housing to accommodate the large number of troops housed in Hawaii.   If the housing is not needed, that is just another big waste of resources, including the loss of an irreplaceable environment.

        Also, a huge amount of money will be needed to clean up damage from pipelines and storage bunkers that are, or will no longer be needed and will be left to rot.    Even now it has been documented that pipelines have disintegrated into a state that is beyond repair, but Carroll did not see any documentation regarding what has been, or will be done with the pipes.   There are, or were, many  pipelines carrying fuel along the edge of the harbor  and under Nimitz Highway.  Most were installed during World War  II.   If the military is downsizing, who will clean up the mess, and who will maintain the present infrastructure?   Who will bear the cost?    Look at what happened to Barber's Point, which was abandoned many years ago.    We are just starting to find leaks, as recently disclosed by the Red Hill fuel tanks and the contaminated property under the stadium.  How bad will it get?    Not only that, the Hawaii State Department of Health  is threatened with loss of funding to support its response teams.  There are so many reasons to be concerned.     


          Carroll talks about racism in America, and how it really feels, particularly when confronted by authority.   It's everywhere, including Hawaii.  We need to get past all the nonsense that came about due to an injustice to a group of people.

           We now find the use of the "N" word unacceptable,  but let's ask ourselves, where and why did it originate.  Start dealing with that and maybe we can get past it.  


          This is the land of the free, in a global community.    Open your mind to all that could be.  







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