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   SUNDAY, December 21, 2014


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        Carroll asks questions about the rail project.    Expenses are going up.  Are we surprised?    This is what many said, even before the project was approved by the voters.  It seems like all our projects end up like this.   

        Carroll notes, once again game wardens working for the State Department of Land and Natural Resources are not getting the support they need from their management team.   In the past a small unit from the DLNR served with the Secret Service when President Obama was in town. This year Randy Awo,  chief of the Law Enforcement Division claims political ties, refused the Secret Service's request. Officers often work with film crews, firework displays, and other events.  Some of the game wardens say they look forward to working on the POTUS detail.    Awo, while acting as temporary administrator, maintained a residence on Maui. He traveled there weekends, with per diem for lodging and food, at taxpayer expense.   He also maintained a state truck in both locations.  How much does that cost?  DLNR management has incurred many other unnecessary expenses.  Carroll gives examples of corruption in DLNR, saying this is where it starts, and how it builds to  become illegal actions without recourse.

          12/24/14 - link to HawaiiNewsNow story regarding DLNR and the Potus detail.

          Carroll talks about racism in America, and how it really feels, particularly when confronted by authority.   It's everywhere, including Hawaii.  We need to get past all the nonsense that came about due to an injustice to a group of people.

           We now find the use of the "N" word unacceptable,  but let's ask ourselves, where and why did it originate.  Start dealing with that and maybe we can get past it.  


          This is the land of the free, in a global community.    Open your mind to all that could be.  




               An Agatha Christie book!

              This is how it continues down the generations.




        Callers weigh in with their thoughts about various issues of the day.  



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