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    December 11, 2016,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

        Carroll talks about an email he recovered from the city regarding Dr. Baird Flemming's resignation as Director of the Honolulu Zoo.   In it Flemming notes that on 10/31/16 he told Mayor Caldwell he was resigning.   But, his resignation was not disclosed to the public until mid-November, after the elections and the approval of the Charter amendment to dedicate tax money to the zoo so that it can be re-accredited by the  Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  The resignation will also be a  big consideration when the zoo reapplies for re-accreditation.     

    Another example of government misinformation.  A sewer break at Ko'Olina was reported as more than a 1,000-gallon spill.  But, the volume was actually more than 200,000 gallons, and that was not reported for another eight days.    Big difference.  The photos below show trucks lined up to suck up the sewage.    Carroll also talks about the many state and federal agencies with different, but similar functions, so you don't know where to report or get information.  And, when there is a problem, they point fingers at each other and nothing gets done.  The "police" are not policing those who violate the law.  

    The second hour Carroll talks about city garbage trucks leaking leachate onto the roadways.   There is often liquid leaking from under the trucks, and you may have seen it if you ever followed a truck.  Think about what might be in that liquid, since it percolates through the many things thrown away every day.   At the end of the day, the city workers empty out their trucks into bigger trucks that go to the landfill or H-Power,  and those trucks also leak.  After emptying their trucks, the workers wash them out and any remaining liquids go down the drain.     At the Keehi Transfer Station the drains go to Keehi Lagoon.   Is that one of the reasons Keehi Lagoon is so polluted?    The city and state blame the high level of bacteria in the sater on the homeless, while failing to test the wastewater and runoff at the Keehi Transfer Station.         











                                              Looking through the smoke and mirrors    




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