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        Carroll discusses the high levels of toxic chemicals and pollutants found on land at the Kakaako waterfront due to its past use as a landfill and industrial area.  Anything makai of Ala Moana Boulevard. is landfill.  The dump includes incinerators generating ash that was disposed on the site, as well as batteries, transformers,  and many other items containing toxic waste.     Note the photographs below, particularly the methane gas release pipe.  City garbage trucks were once stored and washed down on the property.    Tuna was canned on the property, including large fuel tanks for their boilers.   Both underground, and above-ground tanks stored fuel and oil, leaking unknown quantities into the ground.  A 2009 study lists the chemicals and notes the land is for nonresidential use.   The John A. Burns Cancer Center was specifically designed to cover up the toxic soil that was already there, as well as additional topsoil scraped up and dumped there with expectations it would be covered up.  

        What are we walking,  playing, and for some people,  living on?    Are there still proposals in play to build condos on the land?     Is paving the area for parking lots enough?   Another mess that should not have happened.

        Now, there is a even a proposal to build President Obama's library on the site.  Is that appropriate use of a toxic dump?

        Read the 2009 Environmental Hazard Evaluation Carroll is referring to when discussing Kakaako.

        Link here to a 2005 story in Pacific Business News.

        Carroll also discusses information he received regarding corruption within the "War On Poverty" in Indiana.  According to his source, among other problems, employees must pay two months of their salary to the politician or person responsible for their receiving their job.   This is just the tip of the iceberg.  As we are learning, many administrators, governmental departments and even nonprofit groups responsible for helping the homeless are not administering the program efficiently.   While they get their big salaries, perks and parties, the homeless are still shuffled around and harassed, finding it difficult to improve their conditions.     


                                       Paving over paradise, because  we have to


         Old incinerator smokestack  by the new Children's Discovery Center -  where children play



                                                   John A. Burns Cancer Center  


                                Fisherman's Warf Restaurant - all that remains




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                                                             YES, IT DOES!



                                                             Playing, and living and on the land



                                                           Methane gas released here   






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