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   SUNDAY, November 17, 2019


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        November 17, 2019  

        Carroll talks about a  Palolo neighborhood that is sliding downhill.  The slide started several years ago, it has not been fixed, it is spreading, and it is turning into a catastrophe.  Two streets are close, and homes are breaking up and sliding downhill.   The pictures tell the story.

        The homeowners are having problems getting things fixed, both with the city and by working with other homeowners within their own community.  The city has the responsibility for the safety of the citizens.    The homeowners should immediately settle out and  the residents move due to the safety threat.

        Carroll questions and explains the problems in Palolo.     He then talks about what is still happening at Red Hill.  

        The picture to the left was taken two years ago.  Above is how the road looks today.   Note:  The bridge  in the background built by residents to leave their houses and walk down to their cars parked outside the area.  


        More pictures from 11/16/19  












                                          It all comes crashing down








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