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   SUNDAY, November 13, 2016


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        November  13, 2016,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   


        Carroll's guest, Eric Ryan, from the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA), returns this week to talk about the elections and what they mean.

        Eric notes, whatever policy, from either party, is implemented, it will affect your life.   Eric tells us, what the Democrats have done to Hawaii, with most people living from paycheck to paycheck, is what would have happened to the nation if Hillary were elected.   Discussion also includes the low minimum wage and cost of living in Hawaii.  Eric talks about how the Democrats contributed to the problem and tells us it is the Republicans who are trying to fix it.   

        Carroll notes, the few Republican Party members in Hawaii who have been elected to office have not been able to do anything, and many times the Republicans are doing and supporting the very same things they are complaining about.  

        Callers debate the issue of immigration.  Eric notes, the USA cannot take care of everyone else's problems.    

        Carroll asks what will happen to affirmative action, LGBT, women and minority rights considering what Trump has said and advocated during his campaign, as well as prior to his even running for office.    Carroll and Eric talk about what the border wall really means.    

        Eric closes by noting that Trump, by being outside the system,  has the potential to fix a lot of problems in our system, even more so than Hillary.   Carroll notes we have so much more to learn, and the politicians to own up to.  They must understand they are there to serve the people.    

        Carroll closes the show with Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful.   



        For more information about HIRA, visit  www.hawaiirepulicanassembly.org  

















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