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        November 10, 2019  

        Carroll replays his shows from 12/23/18 and 9/29/12 regarding toxic water at Camp LeJeune, South Carolina, and Red Hill, Hawaii.  


        Carroll starts with a discussion about injustice in our environment and communities.  It is all about politics.    What is happening at Red Hill is a good example, and Carroll compares the issues there to what happened to the drinking water at Camp LeJeune, South Carolina and all the illnesses that occurred there.  

        The EALs for a number of toxins, such as naphthalene, in the drinking water have been adjusted upwards to allow higher levels of contaminants in the water.   Why was that?    Are they increasing due to higher numbers in the water, or science as the Hawaii Department of Health claims.  Several recent public meetings about Red Hill were canceled, leaving the public with questions.  A number of people have come forward to report health issues.   Is the Department of Health (DOH) even tracking illnesses from contaminants at Red Hill and other sites?   

        Bottom line, Red Hill is contaminated.  The Navy has polluted a major source of water for Honolulu.  

        Carroll asked the Department of Health questions about the EALs.  Link here to read answers.    Carroll also notes, documents state the EALs can be changed at any time, without public notice.


        Carroll talks with Yvonne Johnson about the extreme increase of aircraft noise from Kaneohe Marine Corps Base over the past couple of years.  When she bought her house in the early 90's there were fewer planes and they did not make as much noise.  The level was acceptable for local living.    Now it is not, but residents are vilified for complaining.  Several callers tell how noise from the planes cover up their conversations and television, disrupt sleep, and  literally shake their houses.  

        Yvonne also spent three years in the military at Camp Lejeune, South Carolina, circa1980.  Recently the military finally admitted chlorine and other chemicals in drinking water at the base are causing a variety of illnesses in residents who lived there between 1968 and 1986.   The military knew about the chemicals as early as 1980 when tests were done, but did not shut down the wells until 1986, and did not start contacting residents or notifying the public until 1999.












                   What's in our drinking water?







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