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   SUNDAY, November 06, 2016


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        November  06, 2016,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   


        Carroll first tells stories about two different, and very positive, encounters he had with police officers this week.  One involved a wallet Carroll found on the street.  The officer tracked down the owner at the airport and returned it to him.   The second involved an officer who was called after a man who brings his dogs to Sand Island Park and repeatedly allowed the dogs to kill cats found in the park for over a year was identified.      

        Carroll's guest today is Eric Ryan from the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA).   For more information about HIRA, visit  www.hawaiirepulicanassembly.org  

        Per  Eric,  HIRA is a group of people who feel disenfranchised from the Republican Party, and are trying to fix political corruption within the GOP as well as counteract corruption in the Democratic Party.  HIRA has a lot to say about both Democrats and Republicans, and they want to find solutions that will fix Hawaii for everyone.   Eric also talks about why there are not more Republicans in Hawaii.   

        Eric then discusses why Kymberly Pine, a Republican, is making donations to Democrats running for office against Republican candidates, using the example of Cedric Gates and Matthew Lopresti, both Democrats running for State House seats.  They talk about big development on the Waianae Coast, and Cedric Gates's  failure  to report donations made to his campaign by developers.   They also talk about the lies politicians tell, and how lies have become acceptable and even expected.

        Carroll notes a good Republican Party will give us much needed checks and balances across the aisles.    



















                                                                       Taking a closer look




      These, and other kittens like them, are looking for a home.  Ages range from 3 to 12 months.  

      They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     


        Join Carroll on www.envirowatch.org to view some of the environmental and corruption issues he investigated, and resolved, in the past.  You will also find him on facebook.  


      Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
      Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand.  











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