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        Carroll continues his discussion about toxic land in Ma'ili, West Oahu.  The land is a military site owned by the Coast Guard.  It is highly contaminated with  PCB's and other toxic chemicals left over from World War II and the time it was used as a transmission site for Voice of America.  A portion of the site is being used as homeless transition shelter and community education center.  It is also adjacent to a residential neighborhood and schools.  Children and adults use the area for recreation.   A fence around the property has signs indicating it is government property, but there are no warning signs about the presence of toxic chemicals.

        Following links are to documents relating to the condition of the property:

         2014 Site Report PCB Testing Maile Eastern Fence Line  


        The Hawaii Kai Marina dredging project is back.  Originally, the contractors were going to put the sludge on barges and send it out to sea.  However, once loaded, the barges could not fit under the bridge.   Then two years ago, SER Rental and Trucking Company was caught illegally trucking the sludge to Waianae and the project was put on hold.   Now they want to put the sludge on an island in the middle of the marina, but it contains a pond that is home to the endangered Hawaiian stilt and other birds and wildlife.   It is also the remains of the original fishpond that was in the area before development.   Jim Dittmar talks about the situation.  Dittmer asks the listeners to call DLNR Chairwoman Suzanne Case and tell her to "Save Rim Island #2".

        The next subject is water wells for the Ho'opili development.  The Ewa Shaft was a source of water for the sugarcane fields and may be used to supply water to the Ho'opili housing development.  But, it is possible the water is contaminated and cannot be used.    According to a 2006 audit report, the Board of Water Supply spent $13.5 million dollars to purchase the site from  the Estate of James Campbell.  Then they spent $4.5 million to rehabilitate the shaft.  However, the auditor states the property should have been condemned.  Carroll is researching many more questions he has about the project, particularly due to the politics involved and the relationship betweenthe  Board of Water Supply and Campbell Estate.        

        Ewa Shaft 


        Finally, Carroll notes wastewater is flowing into Kaneohe Bay by the Heeia Pier restrooms instead of being directed to a treatment plant.  Why is the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) allowing this, especially with the many tourists using the pier?    The DLNR is violating the Clean Water Act they are supposed to enforce.   This is one more of the problems Suzanne Case. Chair of the DLNR, should be focusing on because similar situations exist state wide.

        Carroll notes Hawaii has some good laws, but they are either not enforced, or not enforced equitably.
















                                                                         Over the edge  

                                                                          Yokohama Bay



        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on O'lelo Public Television, Channel 54.  








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