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        Carroll  and Richard DeConte continue discussion about the rail project, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART), and the Hawaii Stadium Authority. Currently the city is working under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to temporarily  store materials at the stadium site.  But, per a number of media reports, and an independent report by Foley and Lardner LLP,  discussing the stadium project,  HART and the city are planning a rail station with 600 parking spaces on the stadium site.  The Foley and Lardner report,  and the State Auditor's report said the stadium site was facing issues with deed restrictions and is only to be used for recreational purposes, not commercial.  The state does not demonstrate that it has permission to build a station on the site.  Note, the Foley and Lardner report is confidential, but was found online.  When Carroll inquired, the Department of Interior told Carroll they did not know about the Higa audit or the Foley and Lardner report.   (Link here to answers to Carroll's questions to HART and the Stadium Authority.)  

        In 2012 the Higa Audit (link here) caused a lot of concern about the swap meet at the stadium.   Also, note the state's response at the end of the Higa document.   The state got away with that one.    Richard DeConte equates certain acts committed by the state and HART to the Trojan horse.  He added that HART and every part of government is in collusion on the stadium land usage to build a station.

        Is the  swap meet exemption leading the way to a parking lot and rail station?    Why didn't the state, and HART, resolve the issues before starting the project, and can they even be resolved?  How much will the additional work cost the taxpayers?   We are concerned the stadium matter is not receiving the transparency the public expects.


          Current rail operations take about 1000 parking spaces from stadium under a temporary  MOU






          Link here to Higa's audit,  "Investigation of the Stadium Authority‚Äôs Swap Meet Operations", March 2012

          Link here to Foley's  "Aloha Stadium Comprehensive Site Summary", June 26, 2014

          Link here to response and documents provided by HART and the Hawaii Stadium Authority.


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