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   SUNDAY, October 5, 2014


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        Carroll's guest is Charles Popken, a former manager with Hawaiian Pumping Specialists, LLC.    He talks about their deliberate, and illegal, dumping of sludge and petroleum by-products from military bases, ships and power plants, into a stream adjacent to, and flowing into Kawainui Marsh.   Mr. Popken tells us, not only does the illegal activity put endangered species and other wildlife at risk, it puts people's lives at risk.

         According to the State Health Department, Hawaii Pumping Specialists does not have a permit to haul waaste and is in violation of a number of laws.  Also, Popken says the company's  trucks are not safe, and did not pass safety checks.   Per Mr. Popken, Hawaiian Pumping Specialists obtained black market paperwork for safety checks  to get onto military bases and pass state weigh stations.    

        This just shows that, once again, the state is not doing their job.   Carroll provides additional examples of dumping, safety, and other issues that he has investigated, up to and including the death of workers and others.     Popken is now talking to the State Department of Health about the problems with Hawaiian Pumping Specialists.      

        A caller asks if dumped chemicals could also be damaging our already fragile sewer systems.

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          Carroll sums it up by saying, we are never told the full story.     Many of the people we vote into office have ethic problems and we are not holding them accountable.   They are not running a good government, and it spreads throughout all departments, including the police department.    It's not everyone, and there are a lot of good workers.  However, many times it turns out,  if you know someone, you are able to receive special treatment.  Otherwise, watch out.        







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