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   SUNDAY, October 04, 2015


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        Carroll  talks about the appointment of Dr. Bruce Anderson as head of the Department of Land and Natural Resources' Aquatics Division.  Previously, he was head of the Department of Health.   Carroll talks about the selection process.  Was this a good fit?   He also notes that even though Governor Ige has been on the job for more than  a year, a number of key positions, and a number top positions,  have been lost in environmental and human health protection, a number of top positions have not been filled.  

        Carroll also talks about new developments regarding  a lawsuit between Schnitzer Steel, Island Recycling, Inc. (IRI), and the State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH).   The DOH and IRI said drainage ditches are not "state waters" and cannot be regulated.   Schnitzer Steel says they are.  DOH says IRI cannot be fined for polluting the waterway.   The court disagreed, saying ditches are indeed part of the state waters that  DOH is responsible for and they must enforce the rules.   Basically, government was not enforcing laws equally, but the court says they must comply.  But, why is DOH claiming a ditch is not under their jurisdiction?  Carroll relates the issue of "state waters"  to sewage spills.  In the past DOH has sometimes claimed a sewage spill went into a ditch, not state waters, so there was not a problem or presecution.    

        Link here to the Court's Summary Judgment.  According to the judge, ruling is in favor of Schnitzer Steel, ditches are waters of the state.

        Link here to the Schnitzer filing

        Link here to the filing by the Department of Health



        Callers talk about gun control and security, and other issues, with Carroll.


























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