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        Carroll tells us about Tina Quizon, a homeless veteran, who is experiencing medical problems and not getting appropriate care or housing  from the Veterans Administration or U.S. Vets that she has earned and deserves.  

        Tina  had surgery for breast cancer a few months ago.  Then just recently, she had heart surgery.  After the heart surgery Tripler told her she could only stay two nights in the hospital.  The doctor then told her that,  after they released her, she would have to find a place where she could lie down flat to facilitate her recovery.   The U.S. Vets, that provides beds for homeless vets, told Quizon they did not have a place for her to stay for more than three nights.    The reason they would no provide any more help is because she complained about U.S.Vets serving out of date meat and other foods when she stayed with them a few years back.    She also made a complaint about U.S. Vets requiring her to do crafts and other activities for their church group instead of providing job training.   Listen to our shows on 03/17/13 and 03/31/13 for more information about Tina's experience with the U.S. Vets' shelter at the YWCA.  

        After she complained  about U.S. Vets, Tina asked Representative Tulsi Gabbard and others, including Eric Shinseki, then Secretary of the Veterans Administration, for help.  Nothing happened.  Now, when the hospital tried to get her a bed with U.S. Vets they were told U.S. Vets "did not want anything to do with her because she is a "whistle blower".  

        Carroll points out the whole system is not working as it should.   Once again, the administrators benefit while those who need the services do not get what they need.    Who would win, and who would lose,  if all the vets are cared for, get jobs, and get homes?  

        The second hour Tina Quizon joins in the conversation, giving her account about what happened, including her original complaints.  She tells us State Representative Bob McDermott and Daryl Vincent, head of U.S. Vets, told her she had to sign a waiver saying she would not be a whistle blower in order to get help.   She then tells us about a very disturbing conversation she had with Representative Bob McDermott.  


        Carroll also talks about how he is being asked to pay $4,160 to obtain documents from the City Environmental Services regarding the sewage spill at Ala Moana Park during the heavy rain storm a few weeks ago.    Though they admitted they under reported the amount of sewage that spilled into the environment, it  looks like they are still trying to cover up the whole truth about the sewage spill.
























        These, and other kittens like them, are looking for a home.  Ages range from 3 to 12 months.  

        They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


        To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     












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