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   SUNDAY, September 20, 2015


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        Carroll talks about a history of fuel leaks in Hawaii, from the  fuel tanks on top of Red Hill, to sites down the hill at Pearl Harbor and the points between.  How many fuel leaks and toxic dump sites are there, how big are they, and what is the government saying about it?   Can we even trust what the government says about its plans to fix Red Hill considering its past history of cleanup?   

         A large portion of our drinking water sits under the Navy's Red Hill fuel tanks and there is a lot of talk about fixing the tanks after the most recent spill was publicized.    Red Hill has been in the news lately due to the many meetings being held about what the Navy is proposing to do to resolve the problems.   Carroll notes that historically there are even more leaks in the Pearl Harbor area, with one plume totaling over 5 million gallons.   There are thirteen plumes or spill sites identified, but, the Navy says the fuel cannot be cleaned up.   Carroll talks about the Navy's reaction to his release of data this week about the leaks at Pearl Harbor, and he reads from a 1994 General Accounting Office (GAO) report outlining some of the problems they documented regarding toxic sites and cleanups.  

        Among other things, the report notes the military feels that identifying too many sites will impede the Department of Defense's programs.  He also notes that, per the document, most of the cleanup money is being spent on studying the problems, not fixing them.   The document further states that there are sites that were not prioritized on the National Priority Sites (NPS) cleanup list but are more dangerous, and pose a greater threat to human health and the environment,  than those higher up on the list.    Listen as Carroll tells us more about the GAO's  findings.    

        Link here to one report showing how the failure to clean up Makalapa Crater is today negatively impacting school activity at Radford High School, resulting in closure of the track and field area and potentially exposing children and staff to contaminants.  

        Link here to the 1994 GAO Report that speaks specifically to the status of cleanups of contaminants in the ground at the Pearl Harbor complex.



        The second hour Carroll and callers discuss race issues.














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