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   SUNDAY, September 7, 2014


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        Carroll asks why Foodland's store in Laie does not sell alcoholic beverages even though it is a large grocery chain  here in Hawaii.   Stores often include local items, but can they also exclude products due to religion or other private, personal beliefs? How far will this trend go?     

        Religious beliefs are starting to have more and more influence on the larger community.  Carroll talks about how candidates Duke Aiona and Elwin Ahu's very strong religious beliefs, and their prior insistence that others follow and comply, may affect Hawaii.   Both candidates are former judges. They now want to judge public opinion, seemingly by "divine guidance".    Ahu is a pastor at New Hope Metro and Aiona ministers at his church.  They  have been very outspoken about  their religion when it comes to politics and Hawaii.  Remember Aiona's last campaign?      This time around they are trying to downplay their religion to get elected,  but what will happen when they get in office?      

        Aiona, Ahu, and the Republican Party are now talking  about "Hope and Change".   Isn't that President Obama's campaign slogan?   Isn't he, President Barack Obama,  who the Republican Party is so often criticizing  and mocking about hope and change, claiming it is empty rhetoric?   Yet here they are using the same language.  

        Callers sound off and  make some very thoughtful comments.

        Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Davis also calls in to discuss some of his views.  


        Vote your heart, but vote smart - here are some links of interest:

        YouTube Video:  Who is Duke Aiona

        CBN Network's 700 Club Video:  Why Elwin Ahu quit being a judge and became a pastor --  go to minute 28 of video to see Ahu's story

        LEGAL ADVICE IN PARADISE   By Justine M. Gronwald - See recordings  #8 and 9 about Ahu and Aiona.








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