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        Carroll  talks about fraud and the proverbial vacuum cleaner salesman.   Carol Nielsen Gilbert tells us her story about how a salesman, Vitolio (Leo) Laban, tricked her into buying a vacuum cleaner  by telling her how they were "not selling anything", just doing an air quality survey for which she will receive a 20 lb. bag of rice.   Per Carol Gilbert, she "made the mistake of letting him in", and that is when the "tricks" started.   She tells us, he immediately set up a vacuum cleaner and cleaned her couch.  He then emptied the bag and showed her what she has been "breathing in", and it all went downhill from there.   She ended up with a $3,141 vacuum (plus $1,600 interest after making monthly payments). Carol said Leo never showed her how to use the vacuum, but he did tell her every two weeks he would come back to her house to clean her furniture.   Link here to more about the sales pitch in her own words, and her letter to Leo regarding her attempts to cancel the sale.

        To add insult to injury, Carol says Leo told her, as a good Christian he was collecting food for New Hope Church on Sand Island.  He asked  her for10 cans of food, which she gave  to him to help out.  

        Carol then tells us the next morning, after realizing what happened, she called Leo to cancel the sale.  Leo told her he was busy but would come by the following day to take care of it.  She could never find him again, and the company's office on Sand Island is now empty.    Not only that, the company, Aqua Systems, LLC, immediately sold her sales contract  to a collection company, Preferred Credit, Inc.,  in Minnesota, without notifying her.   After they harassed her and made threats,  she sent them a check for the full amount of  $3,141 just to get rid of them.   However, they still collected interest and took $98 from her checking account the next day.

        The sales company is Aqua Systems, LLC, also known as Aqua Dynamics.  The salesman is Vitolio (Leo) Laban.    We were told they may have moved to the Big Island.    When we contacted the State Department of Consumer Affairs, they said they could not do anything.  Apparently, when fraud occurs, you are on your own.


                                                              Watch out for this guy:

          Here is info for Preferred Credit:

          Preferred Credit, Inc. 
          Service@ preferred credit
          3051 2nd street south 200
          Saint Cloud MN. 56301
          They contacted Carol from this number:  1-651-699-1111.


          Link here to the story we did on HawaiiNewsNow on 9/5    



        The second hour Carroll talks about a history of racism in America, Black Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter.    History continues, and as many say, history repeats itself. Just fifty years ago many people did not have rights.  Even after the civil rights laws were passed, institutionalized behavior, such as racial discrimination, wrongful incarceration, segregation, and killings continue.   

        People often say racial problems are what "happened in slavery time", but segregation was legal until the 1950's, and  miscegenation until the 60's.  Carroll looks into the Dixiecrats, a sub-party of the Democratic party (much like the Tea Party).  In 1948 theDixiecrats split from the Democratic Party because they did not want desegregation.   Because they advocated state's rights and could not stand alone, ten years later they  folded into the Republican Party.   There were, and still are, many state laws against race and other activities.  Laws  and civil rights vary from state to state, so apparently equality in the United States of America is nonexistent.  Carroll talks about politicians'. and state governors' actions and laws, both past and present, and what is repeating itself  today.    Considering the past history of civil rights, in many ways state's rights is nothing more than  a way to rip America apart.  
























        These, and other kittens like them, are looking for a home.  Ages range from 3 to 12 months.  

        They have been neutered or spayed, and they are litter box trained.   Now, all  they need is your love.  Who can resist a new kitten?


        To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     









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