SUNDAY, July 10, 2011



      Carroll and Pam Davis, Founder and President of Animal Advocate, Inc,  discuss the Hawaiian Humane Society's treatment of  feral cat colonies  and their caretakers.    For many years HHS has been supporting a program to neuter feral cats and control the size of cat colonies.  However, this month they announced, effective August 1, the fee to neuter cats will go up from $5 to $25 per cat  (it was originally free).  Many other restrictions, constraints and add-on fees also restrict caretaker's ability to participate in the Humane Society's  "flagship" fundraiser Trap Neuter Return and Manage (TNRM) program.  

      A caller talks about City Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi writing a letter to her place of employment asking them to fire her to stop her from taking care of cats. Click here to read Kobayashi's letter,   and  Link here for the response back to Kobayashi.

      Without the TNRM program the cat colonies will rapidly increase in size.  No good can come from that.                                                      Link here Animal Advocate, Inc.

      Moving on with more on government lies and  withholding of records:   Mr. Kurt Fevella has a "Personal Services Basic Contract" as a refuse worker to inspect bulky item trash that is put out too early.    It appears  the contract is a reward for his pro-rail stance at public meetings (google YouTube to see him in action).     DId the city grant him the contract so he can participate, testify, or disrupt more public meetings?    On June 6 a letter was written to say his services would be terminated 6/30/11 because he had missed over 45 days of work, but he was then issued a new contract starting 7/1.   Corporation Counsel and  Environmental Services Director Steinberger confirm the termination letter exists but will not release it under the Uniform Information Practices Act.    Mr. Kevin Ito also has a Personal Services Basic Contract.  His wife works for the City Environmental Services Division that issues the contracts.   Are these examples of favoritism and rewarding campaign workers,  supporters and families?
      Kurt Fevella is also being sued for fraud.  See attached document and information.

       feral cat

       This is Maggie.  She is looking for a home.  Can you take care of her?
      She's spayed, microchipped, and free to go home with you.
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