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   SUNDAY, April 26, 2015


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      Carroll talks about the freeway and the rail project.  The two-day zipper lane problem and the bus accident  that shut down the freeway for two hours last week, should have and could have been handled more efficiently.    Why didn't the city and state learn from prior freeway shutdowns over the past few years?   Or, was the major slowdown a message to the public?     Carroll tells us more about  campaign donations, golf games, the lack of city and state inspections, and the latest news about faulty concrete in the rail columns and cracks in the rail bed (see pictures below).   How much of the total rail cost  is wasted on campaign donations and perks to allow contractors to self-police?    Callers provide additional discussion and information.  

      A SURVEY - Let us know what you think.   Were you impacted by the zipper lane snafu?    Please answer these questions, and share your stories with us via  email: carroll@carrollcox.com.

      1.  Did you use the freeway (with the broken Zip Mobile), to go home?

            1a.   How long were you caught in the traffic jam?  _____
            1b.   What was causing the bottleneck in your route ?____
            1c.   About what time did you reach the bottleneck, and how many lanes  of traffic were open for vehicles to use? _______
            1d.   Do you have any other comments or suggestions about how the traffic jam could have been better handled ? _____

      2.  Did you use an alternate route?

            2a.   Did you use a side road to go around the freeway traffic jam.  If so, which road did you use? _____
            2b.   Was there a specific area on that road that was causing a bottleneck.  If so, what was causing the bottleneck, and about
                    where was it located? ______________
             2c.   Do you have any other comments or suggestions about how the traffic jam could have been better handled?________


      The second hour Carroll talks more about the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill and waste disposal.   Carroll recently discovered a document stating the state's  Solid Waste Division has not conducted an inspection of the landfill since 3/10/2011.  They have only conducted site visits.  Two employees of Waste Management Hawaii have been indicted for permitting violations relating to the landfill operation, but they are still working at the landfill.   And, the landfill is left to self-policing.  Carroll has been reporting landfill problems for several years, including dirt, dust, wrong materials, broken sump pumps and spills.  Recently there was a fire at the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill that burned holes in the liner.   Just another example of contractors allowed to self-police and do what they want with tax payer's money.

      In 2012 Carroll reported illegal dumping in Wahiawa.  The perpetrator was recently fined approximately $29,000, but there is a twist to the story.  Carroll explains what corruption really is.    

      BUILDING THE RAIL: - alignments and cracks in the project





      RAIL TAX in Conference
      The majority of The People do not want the rail tax extended. It's time for us to let our legislators know this! The conference committee working on HB 134 reconvenes Monday at 3 p.m. At this point they are considering extending the rail tax for 25 years.  Call or email them to just say "no".

      Rep. Luke, 586-6200, repluke@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Rep. Aquino, 586-6520, repaquino@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Rep. Onishi, 586-6120, reponishi@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Rep. McDermott, 586-9730, repmcdermott@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Sen. Nishihara, 586-6870, sennishihara@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Sen. Espero, 586-6360, senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Sen. Tokuda, 587-7215, sentokuda@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Sen. Kouchi, 586-6030, senkouchi@capitol.hawaii.gov
      Sen. Harimoto, 586-6230, senharimoto@capitol.hawaii.gov

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