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        March 3, 2019,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  
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        Carroll is replaying his 11/1/15 show regarding the Red Hill fuel facility and its leaks.    On October 30, 2015, Carroll attended the Red Hill Task Force meeting.  Once again, it's about more studies, all talk, and no action.    Carroll tried to ask questions, but answers were twisted to suit the Navy's desire to underplay the situation.   For example, contaminants are called "constituents", and they say the constituents are in the aquifer, not the drinking well.     

        Furthermore, the Navy claims that since the Department of Health has not taken any enforcement action on the Red Hill matter, the fuel facility is in compliance even though they have detected many leaks over the past 50 years.  Carroll recovered documents from the Hawaii Department of Health containing information filed by the Navy regarding past leaks, starting with a letter from 1948 talking about a leak in Tank 16.  In light of this documentation, Carroll asks if we can trust what the Navy is saying about the impact of the  fuel tank leaks on our water supply.   (link here to some of the reports and a recording of the October 30, 2015, Red Hill  task force meeting.) 

        Carroll is also concerned about the deteriating condition of the  pipes transporting fuel from Red Hill to varioius installations.   Recently, during a cleanup of closed facilities, the Navy dug up pipes near Kipapa Gulch.   Here are pictures of the pipes, showing rust and rivets.    What do the pipes under Red Hill, and other locations, look like?












                                                                                           Red Hill Fuel Tank Facility



                                                                   Fuel Pipe dug up from the area around Kipapa Gulch



        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on O'lelo Public Television, Channel 54.  








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