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   SUNDAY, March 1, 2015


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      Carroll talks about government, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), and the lack of ethics enforcement.  It's all about who you know.  Hawaii State Senator Laura Thielen, prior Chairman of the Department of Land and Natural Resources,  was reported to have said, in December 18, 2014, article in the Hawaiian Report; "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  The people now in office learned from Abercrombie's devious tactics, and they are continuing his policies and practices.   Take, for example, the nomination of  Castle and Cooke lobbyist Carleton Ching as Chairman of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.   He will have the final say over all parts of Hawaii, the land, the water, and the people.    The fix is on.  Carroll explains relationships between people and companies connected to Ching and DLNR.    He also notes several of the major divisions of DLNR still have "acting" directors.  

      The second hour Carroll talks with Joshua Noga and Tim Vanderveer of Defend Oahu Coalition and No Ko'olau Loa, about Keep the Country Country. The previous expansion of Laie without the  promised affordable housing has been a major concern.   Now housing is being proposed by the big corporations  along with additional commercial development on state agricultural land in Malaekahana.   This area is not the place for such development.   Callers join in with some great comments.

      Visit the Defend Oahu Coalition website for more information about Oahu development and  Bill 47.  Also, check the page to add your own testimony for the issues.

      Bill 47 will be heard  this Thursday, 10 a.m., in the Honolulu Hale  







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