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   SUNDAY, February 22, 2015


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      Carroll talks about the hidden costs and rail's real impact on Hawaii.   Last week, over the holiday weekend, Waikiki rest rooms were shut down because the city was out of toilet paper.  How bad can it get?

      Richard DeConte tells us what is happening with federal grant money (210 million dollars) designated for TheBus and the HandiVan that was taken by HART.   The City Council passed a resolution to give the money back, but no one knows when or if that will happen.  

      The big question, how will HART get enough money to pay for the entire project?

      The second hour Carroll talks about the pending appointment of Carlton Ching to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources.  Carroll tried to contact Ching to ask him for an interview prior to his confirmation.  He learned Ching is currently working at the DLNR office, even though he has not been confirmed.    Is this ethical?   What is he being allowed to see and do?  

      Carroll gives other examples of questionable appointments, including previous chairman, William Aila, who wrote an article in October, 2012, supporting the controversial Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC).    We are not getting our money's worth, and we are not protecting our future with these kinds of appointments.

      Carroll also talks about how trash gets in our streams and how it ends up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  One example of a major problem is a recycling plant that discards unwanted bottle caps in the stream next to its property.   The trash is not cleaned up.  The streams flow into the ocean.   The city says it needs more money to clean up the streams.  Recently Carroll set up a story with HawaiiNewsNow about a stream full of trash.  When notified, both the city and state said they could not clean it up.   However, when the city found out about the news story, they immediately sent out a crew to do the cleanup.

      Link here to more pictures and story.  

      Link here to Story on HawaiiNewsNow Sunrise

      Coming up on March 8 - Violence in Papua, New Guinea.  






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