SUNDAY, February 13, 2011

      Breaking News - February 15, 2011 -  A possible case of H1N1 flu may have been identified at the Job Corp office in Waimanalo, but the Hawaii State Department of Health would not answer our questions about the story.   Read more about it here.    Also, see the attached for some of our  thoughts regarding the recent declaration that the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill problems have been fixed.  We will be discussing  both topics  during our next show, on Sunday, February 20.

      This week Carroll, along with Scott Foster,  discusses the senate hearing on  senate bill 803 "Death with Dignity".   Opponents, including several children obviously coached and reading from papers scripted by others, testified strongly and emotionally against the bill on the basis of religion.   No questions were asked by the predisposed panel of only four senators, although polls suggest a majority of the public is for this bill.

      Why is it a small group of senators can kill a bill based on one-sided emotional testimony instead of having a  full and true debate on the issue?   Is this democracy?    If health care professionals have a "choice" of keeping a competent person, in pain and close to death, artificially alive and connected to machines, why doesn't  that same individual also have a choice to die naturally?

      Listen to an interview from the hearing, held on Monday, 2/7 and view other pictures from the hearing.

      Read Scott Foster's editorial printed in the Star Advertiser, Sunday, 2/13.

      Visit the Death with Dignity Society's website at www.hawaiidwdsociety.org

      Click here for more information on the bill  from the government website.

      This is Important.  Let's ask our representatives for a true hearing on this bill.  

      The second hour Carroll talks with Rebecca Woodland, author of "The Blonde Vegetarian", a cookbook of healthy recipes and information on the vegetarian life style.  As a cancer survivor, she studied food and created taste-good recipes that would make herself feel better.  She ended up with a popular cookbook of easy to prepare, and delicious vegetarian meals. She also teaches classes on healthy eating.  Her next class is 2/23 at Castle Medical Center - call 263-5400 to register.   For more information visit her website at www.theblondevegetarian.com


    The Senate Hearing Comittee in action:

    Glen Wakai, Josh Green, Clarence Nishihara, and Suzanne Chun Oakland


    Scott Foster gives testimony




    The Hawaii State Senate will be taking their final vote on the Civil Unions Bill, SB232, on Tuesday, February 15.    On February 14,  the Parental Rights group sent out the attached flyer, with their usual scare tactics,  trying to start up a last minute campaign blitz to obstruct passage of the bill.    We thought you might find the flyer interesting....  Click here to read the flyer!

    Note - The bill passed on its final vote on February 16.   It now goes to the Governor for signature.

        Listen to our show:

            HOUR 1 - Scott Foster and the "Death with Dignity" bill



                HOUR  2 - Rebecca Woodland and "The Blonde Vegetarian"







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