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   SUNDAY, February 5, 2017


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    February 5, 2017,   Honolulu, Hawaii.   

    Carroll and Dr. Jill Voeks, a veterinarian and conservationist, talk about  feral cat colonies in Hawaii and the Trap, Neuter, Return and Manage (TNRM) program.   Suzanne Case, Chairman of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, has declared cats spread disease and are the primary cause of toxoplasmosis in the ocean. Now the DLNR and NOAA want to establish a policy to kill feral cats.   Jill tells us why this is wrong.   Carroll points out  other alien species, such as  cattle egrets and mongoose, were brought here by the government, to the detriment of the environment, so they do not have a good record on taking care of the environment. Carroll  then notes feral cats kill rats.   If you remove the cats, there will be even more rats, with an even more devastating effect on birds.    The bigger problem is people dumping their kittens and cats into the parks when they do not want them.  DLNR should address that problem, not attack and blame the caretakers of the cat colonies.    

    Now, bills Hout Bill 904 and 606 are being proposed to allow government agents or employees to enter private property without permission to trap and poison cats.  

        We are not the problem!


    Carroll relates the issue of feral cats to the many larger environmental issues in Hawaii, and questions where the state is on those issues.  If it is about protecting the environment, there are much bigger things to take care of and spend our limited resources on.      



























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