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   SUNDAY, February 4, 2018


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    February 4, 2018,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

    Carroll's guest is Tuskegee Airman Lt. Colonel Alexander Jefferson.    

    When Jefferson joined the Tuskegee Airmen, they were told, among other things, they were incapable of making decisions and unable to be part of a team.   They proved the military wrong and went on to be heroes.   Jefferson notes, each squadron of airmen had different colors painted on their tails.  The tails of the Tuskeegee Airmen were  painted red, and that is why they are known as the "red tails".  

    Lt. Colonel Jefferson tells us stories about his time in the military, his service in Italy, how he was shot down, his nine months in Germany as a POW, his experience liberating a concentration camp,  and what it was like to fly.   Then, he relates his experience coming home to racism, segregation and discrimination. They were even told this was not their country!

    Jefferson also talks about how they set out to change this,  and how their children changed the world in the sixties.  The discussion then turns to what is happening today.   Jefferson asks, why is President Trump tearing down former President Obama and our country instead of building it up from our past accomplishments.   

    Finally, Lt. Colonel Jefferson makes the point, "Freedom Ain't Free".   


    Talking to our few remaining World War II heroes is a huge opportunity and we thank Lt. Colonel Jefferson for participating in our show.

    Check out  Lt. Colonel Alexander Jefferson's illustrated book, "Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free".    Call 313-585-8647,  or visit his website, www.alexanderjeffersonredtail.com  to purchase an autographed copy of his book.     Also, Lt. Colonel Jefferson will be in Honolulu for the next two weeks, so feel free to call and visit.



                         In the studio with Lt. Colonel Jefferson   














                                                                  Many Colors of the Java Sparrow










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      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

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