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   SUNDAY, January 21, 2018


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    January 21, 2018,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

    Carroll tells us how, once again, our  government is all about friends and family.   On Friday, 1/19, the State House Committee  on Public Safety hearing was held regarding the false alarm about an incoming missile.   The chair of the committee, Greg Takayama, and his family, all work for the Ige administration.   So, how did that go?   Just ask Gene Ward, who was only allowed one question.   The Takayamas were staunch supporters of Governor David Ige's first campain, and are supporting him for his next election.   Greg Takayam's wife is in Ige's cabinet, serving as Director of the tax office   His daughter, Teal M. Takayama,  is one of the treasurers for his campaign.    

    This week we learned Governor Ige knew about the false alarm two minutes after it was issued.   This may be the biggest problem during the crisis, and no excuses should be tolerated.     The problem is much bigger than "a wrong button  was pushed".    Everything Governor Ige said about the situation, and what was withheld,  was to protect his campaign.   We may never know the whole story.

    And, where was Mayor Caldwell, during and after the crisis?  We haven't heard much from him.    Did he, too, know it was a false alarm?   Is that the reason he did nothing?   

    Carroll and callers discuss the problems,  what our Wahington Congressional  Delegation said, and the issues with the whole nuclear program.     


    As Carroll has discussed many times in the past, the Department of Health is another big concern.  Currently, there is only one inspector for the Department of Waste Water for the entire state and there is not enough manpower to protect us from the ever-occurring food and sewage problems.    Governor Ige cut the budget and it will not get any better anytime soon.   

    Carroll also talks about a house fire in Mililani and how neighbors saved the occupants.  The smoke detectors alerted them, but the only exit was the back of the house.  However, they were trapped in the backyard by a locked fence.  Fortunately, a quick-thinking neighbor put a ladder over the wall to save them.     Thank goodness we still have good neighbors in these times.  



                                                                                  Fire in Mililani -  The neighbors and the Red Cross were there                                                       











                                                                  Calm before the storm









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      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

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