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   SUNDAY, January 11, 2015


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      Carroll,   Marsha Joyner, and callers  talk about unequal justice and civil rights.   Carroll tells us about special favors given to some city workers, while a city refuge worker was just fired for an alleged minor offense.    Within the city refuge department there has been theft,  there has been drinking on city property including a stop by police for drunk driving, and people have been hit by trucks, some resulting in death, by trucks  improperly backing up.   But, little was done for these major offenses.   Just one of many examples of who you know.

      The second hour Carroll's guest is Colonel Al Frenzel, USA (Ret.).   He has been living in Hawaii for 12 years and served three tours of duty. They discuss military downsizing.  The military has been told to cut a minimum of 100,000 personnel across 19 states.  Approximately 19,000 soldiers may be cut from Hawaii, and Schofield/Wheeler may be closed.   As the Colonel notes, we can now deploy forces much faster out of the West Coast than we can deploy from Schofield.   Also, live training  facilities on Oahu are substandard.  It costs three times as much for soldiers to live in Hawaii than anywhere else, and bases do not pay property or business taxes even though soldiers use roads, schools and other facilities.   All good reasons to decrease the military in Hawaii.  Another reason, as a caller notes and the Colonel agrees, the army is becoming irrelevant, and is being replaced by the airforce and marines.  The Colonel also notes, with downsizing there will be more available housing for civilians, and housing may become more affordable.  Although the way in which Barber's Point was closed was a disaster, downsizing in California could be a model for doing it successfully in Hawaii.    For more information visit Oahu Council for Army Downsizing's website www.oc4ad.com

      We will continue this discussion in two weeks, on Sunday, January 25.  Be sure to tune in for more on this important subject.


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          Marsha Joyner tells us about the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade on Monday, January 19.    It starts a 9:00 a.m. at Magic Island, travels down Kalaukaua, and ends at Kapiolani Park with a unity rally, food and entertainment. Also, on Sunday,  January 18, at 5:30 p.m, there will be a bell ringing ceremony at the Nagasaki Peace Bell on the Honolulu  Hale Civic Grounds.  To participate in the parade, or for more information on these and other events, visit www.mlk-hawaii.com.   



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