SUNDAY, JANUARY 9, 2011

      Today's theme is the failure of community master plans to include the local community in the plan.

      The first hour Carroll's guest is  Dr. Jim Anthony, discussing Envision Lai'e, BYU, and attempts to develop Lai'e. According to the community, the plan has many, serious issues.  What has been excluded?  What about infrastructure?    What does  "affordable housing" mean, and will it really be affordable for the people who live or work in Laie?  Do public meetings really work?  

      The second hour Carroll  talks with Attorney Tony Locricchio about Kamaaina Kids / Kamaaina Care's recently acquired contract to run He'eia State Park.  Locricchio raises concerns that they just cut away the hillside to  build a new road that is both hazardous and eroding into the ocean. They  also built a pier with a shuttle vehicle to carry people to their tour boats for private tours. The community is asking to meet with new DLNR Chairman William Aila about this issue.

      Friends of He'eia, the organization that previously ran the park, has been concerned about these issues for a long time.   Check out our show from 2/28/10 discussing their stewardship of the park and  Kamaaina Kids takeover bid.

      Contact  for more information.

      During the last 20 minutes Carroll  and Tony discuss the political shootings in Arizona and how  "hate rhetoric" and "gun talk"  may be adversely influencing people to take actions such as this.    The last topic is global warming, rising oceans, the BP oil spill,  and other environmental problems.



    Round Robin

        Hour 1 - Envision Lai'e    



        Hour 2 - He'eia State Park     






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