SUNDAY, JANUARY 2, 2011


      Carroll talks with Kurt Tseu and Erwin Kuwata from the Board of Water Supply, and Stuart Yamada and Mike Miahira from the Department of Health about a recent finding of chromium VI in our water at one undisclosed location on Oahu.  

      Mr. Tseu stated:  "The Board of Water Supply (BWS) is genuinely concerned about the Environmental Working Groupís report about the presence of Chromium VI found in a single sample collected from a residence in Honolulu.  The BWS is in the process of implementing a sampling plan to collect and send samples to an independent lab to determine the extent of chromium VI presence in our water sources.  The BWS continues to consult with the State Department of Health (DOH) for further guidance and next steps.  The data collected from the sampling will be shared with the DOH, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the public"

      You can go to to find the water report for your area, including chromium levels.  Specific information about chromium VI  testing will be made public as soon as available.  The site includes a lot of other great information.  Check them out!     

      Note:  watch out for salesmen coming to your door with testing and treatment kits.     Check with Erwin Kuwata at the BWS, 748-5080  if you have concerns or questions.

      The second hour Carroll talks about how laws are passed because of  problems with a few abusers (for example, a new law regarding bulky items trash  pickup)  while the real problems are not addressed.  

      (Click here to see KGMB's story about  bulky trash pickup falling behind, broadcast January 5, 2011,  and featuring an interview with Carroll)

      Carroll also talks about the inequality of punishment between city workers and state workers when they do wrong.  A policeman caught shoplifting a few groceries is a major story while city workers stealing and squandering millions of taxpayer money keep working.




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